Zoom Video Player – With Builder

preview-video-player-with-builder Video Player Intro Zoom Video Player is the only video player you will ever need because it’s completely functional and customizable. Why is it called Zoom Video Player ? Because the graphics are rendered crisp even at 3200% zoom thanks … Continue reading

How to Parse Nested Shortcode with the Same Name

Parsing shortcodes such as this one [row] [col size="6"]...[/col] [col size="6"] // second col [row] [col size="6"]...[/col] // second col end, wrong [col size="6"]...[/col] [/row] [/col] [/row] can be tricky because the second [col] is ended by the one nested … Continue reading

WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS

preview-zoomtabs-and-accordions-wp Get it from – here WordPress ZoomTabs Intro – top WordPress ZoomTabs and Accordions is the perfect tool for creating Tabs or Accordions. The tabs automatically minimize to accordions when the responsive switch is achieved in order to be displayed … Continue reading

RegEx match .srt format

If you have a project and have to read .srt format in javascript – this is the post for you. This is the regular expression that matches the format in .srt files. ([0-9]+(?:\.[0-9]*)?)[\s\S]*?(.*-->.*)[\s\S]*?(\w+.*)[\n|\r] test here – http://regexr.com?38d0s

Video Portal – WordPress Video Gallery AddOn

preview-wordpress-video-portal DZS Video Portal lets you convert your WordPress site to a video portal site like YouTube, Vimeo or 9gag.tv by offering Likes, Playlists, Upload and even an optional SignIn functionality. easy install – purchase, download the zip, access your WordPress … Continue reading

ZoomSounds – WordPress Audio Player

preview-wordpress-audio-player Want a nifty, cutting-edge, retina-ready, responsive html5 audio player for your site ? ZoomSounds is the perfect candidate. With four skins to fit every brand, only one format required to function, ZoomSounds is the perfect choice for an audio player. … Continue reading

How to create a fullwidth page for twenty thirteen

First, it’s recommended to create a child theme for this so you don’t lose your changes on theme update. You need to modify the css to support fullwidth like so .my-full-size { margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto !important; height: auto; … Continue reading

How to use wp media uploader in a external non-wp page or in frontend

Hello! I have a iframe shortcode generator inside of wordpress and I needed to get the wp uploader to insert media on it. Wheter you need it on a external page / frontend / whatever, this is the tutorial for … Continue reading

ZoomBox 2 – The Photographer’s Lightbox

preview-zoombox-premium-lightbox ZoomBox Lightbox Intro – top ZoomBox 2 – The Photographer’s Lightbox ! What makes ZoomBox unique to the other lightbox scripts ? In short – quality, user-friendliness, design and social media connectivity. Take a look at the demos and be … Continue reading

add_query_arg and get_query_arg functions in javascript

add_query_arg function add_query_arg(purl, key,value){ key = escape(key); value = escape(value); var s = purl; var pair = key+"="+value; var r = new RegExp("(&|\\?)"+key+"=[^\&]*"); s = s.replace(r,"$1"+pair); //console.log(s, pair); if(s.indexOf(key + '=')>-1){ }else{ if(s.indexOf('?')>-1){ s+='&'+pair; }else{ s+='?'+pair; } } //if(!RegExp.$1) {s … Continue reading