How to make Facebook iFrame WordPress Theme work with SSL on HostGator for free

Step 1

Facebook recently changed their terms to allow only secure https apps / iframes work within their pages. Since then, many guides have been posted about avoiding paying 100$ + because for some people the investment is not worth it. Here is one of them ->

If you have a HostGator host it’s very simple to build your https link  simply from the first mail you receive from them. So let’s present the first mail data and the final secure link that facebook requires. We will presume the theme is located on our host in the facebooktheme folder.

First Mail:

Your Control Panel:
Your Domain:
Your Username: hmm23
Your Password: xxxxxxxxxxx

Final Secure URL:

So let’s analyze this a little

secure http protocol required for facebook

control panel location without port and with secure instead of gator

your username

theme location

Step 2

Well, that was easy enough. All that remains is change the site url in WordPress. So go to your Dashboard > Settings > General and update both WordPress address and Site address to

Step 3

All that remains is to update your secure canvas url inside the facebook app settings


That’s all!

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