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Best plugin for removing wp-admin menu items

So today I needed a plugin in wordpress to prevent my users in a demo site from changing the password to a demo account I set up for my previews. I searched the interweb in hope to find a free … Continue reading

Tutorial – How to Login Via Facebook in Your WordPress Blog

facebook-log-in-with-name Today I am creating a portal wordpress plugin. The first thing I think is important in a portal is user management. And with that comes user registration. To make it as smooth as possible I decided to integrate Facebook login … Continue reading

Javascript Detect any Browser and Browser Version

best-javascript Since jQuery 1.9.0 removed the jQuery.browser functionality, I compiled some useful functions to replicate that functionality. function is_ie(){ if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1){ return true; }; return false; }; function is_firefox(){ if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox") != -1){ return true; }; return false; }; … Continue reading

What is the difference between Absolute and Relative paths / urls ?

Relative Paths A Relative URL is a the path to a file relative to the current location. If the file is in the same location as you are in you can just write it’s file name – extension included. [html] … Continue reading

Ammon Theme For WordPress

01_homepage Buy from here AMMON is a creative, all in one and very stylish premium WordPress Theme. It has numerous features and lots of sliders for each need. Features WordPress 3.2 ready Portfolio ready. shortcodes generator 960 grid system, witch is … Continue reading

How to make Facebook iFrame WordPress Theme work with SSL on HostGator for free

facebook-sslhttps-secure-accountby-latest-hackers.co_ Step 1 Facebook recently changed their terms to allow only secure https apps / iframes work within their pages. Since then, many guides have been posted about avoiding paying 100$ + because for some people the investment is not worth … Continue reading

Blender WordPress Portfolio Theme

00_preview_image.__large_preview Summary Blender is a WordPress Portfolio Theme for both creative professionals and businesses. Literally limitless options. Comes with several Sliders you can use for the Home Page, also Vimeo or Youtube Video, perfect for a Trailer or Demo Reel. Blender … Continue reading

Setup Vanilla Forums With Envato API Purchase Verification

Vanilla Ok, ok.. don’t get excited: it’s not a plugin :(, it’s a core modification, but it works. Tried the plugin way but there are not many / none good resources on the internet about Vanilla Addons, so would have taken … Continue reading

FreshIdeas WordPress Theme /w Facebook Theme

01_preview.__large_preview Intro You asked for it, so here it is! FreshIdeas WordPress Theme is now available. With special features included like a bonus Facebook iFrame Theme, Google Web Fonts chooser, included DZS Contact Form and many more, this is the perfect … Continue reading

Reasons why Flash is a better solution for streaming video on the internet then HTML5

flash-decadence     Ok, so it’s been more then one year now since the html5 madness. Flaming versus discussions have mostly stopped or at least are not that flaming. Clients are changing their sites from flash to html5 or at least … Continue reading