Calculate Text Width with jQuery

text-width This jQuery plugin should calculate the textwidth of elements. jQuery.fn.textWidth = function(){ var _t = jQuery(this); var html_org = _t.html(); if(_t[0].nodeName=='INPUT'){ html_org = _t.val(); } var html_calcS = '<span>' + html_org + '</span>'; jQuery('body').append(html_calcS); var _lastspan = jQuery('span').last(); //console.log(_lastspan, html_calc); … Continue reading

Freebie – AS3 CrossFade Banner Rotator

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 4.03.13 PM For importing in your Flash projects, you need to: 1. open sourceindex.fla 2. open the library 3. drag and drop the main movie and rotator components in your .fla 4. remember to also copy the classes razor and caurina in … Continue reading

Twitter Api Wrapper with Caching

twitter_chubb-100012107-gallery Hello guys, Just wrote a Twitter API Wrapper with caching Available here –

Setup Vanilla Forums With Envato API Purchase Verification

Vanilla Ok, ok.. don’t get excited: it’s not a plugin :(, it’s a core modification, but it works. Tried the plugin way but there are not many / none good resources on the internet about Vanilla Addons, so would have taken … Continue reading

[ Freebies ] DZS Flipbook – First Page PSD

1a So nearly a year ago we launched Flipbook – jQuery powered. For those who have not seen it – Many of you liked the demo page – so I figured it does not hurt to give the psds to the … Continue reading

Freebie – Video / YouTube / Vimeo Gallery – Rouge Skin

videogallery1small Preview: Download:  here This is a skin for this –

Flash Backup PHP Code snipped

php1 function readXML($arg, $type) { $i=0; $xml = simplexml_load_file($arg); if($type=='main'){ foreach($xml->children() as $child) { if($child->getName()=="item"){ echo "<h3>" . $child->title . "</h3>"; if($i==0) readXML('http://localhost/wordpress/?mode=xml&xmlfile=rotator.php&page=1', 'images'); $i++; } } } if($type=='images'){ $aux = ''; foreach($xml->children() as $child) { if($child->getName()=="item") { $aux = $aux … Continue reading

Freebie – AS3 Simple Video Player FlashVars OpenSource

iron-man-movie-trailer-coming-soon An example of my work – free open-source flash video player developed by me. Both the code and video can be used without restriction. The video player can be extended as you wish, it serves as good base for that. … Continue reading