Flash Components
AS3 Fullscreen Background / ALL-IN-ONE

Intro Fullscreen Background / ALL-IN-ONE is the only component you need to set up a full screen background. It supports images, swfs and videos. Features clean as3 oop code bitmap smoothing applied on images xml driven ( can very easy be setup with flashvars ) lightweight – 2.04kb All you need to to set up […]
Fullscreen Media Gallery AS3

Intro Fullscreen Media Gallery – with Deep Linking / AS3 is a creative gallery where you can insert your photos or videos. It can be used as a creative portfolio of your work or just as a album. It can be embedded in HTML as a fullscreen gallery, but it will display proper even if […]
AS3 XML Carousel

Intro AS3 XML Carousel is a component that provides you with the perfect creative slide show for your products. Can be used stand-alone, in html or directly in your .fla projects Perfect for a creative menu or a portfolio showcase. Features lightweight – only 71 kb AS3 Full OOP programming XML driven, many options editable […]

Intro If you want to showcase your work in a original way, impress your users and customise everything easy, then this is the template for you. Features include deeplinking support – use back/forward buttons to navigate throughout pages open standards – support for images. videos, swfs and also youtube streams multiple background – choose a […]