Find and Replace Strings in Serialized Strings

The problem with serialized inputs is that – so basically the size of the string is remembered: :6:”source”;s:62:”http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/test.m4v”;s: If you url is shorter / longer then the new size must be updated which makes it difficult for FIND AND REPLACE Basically you need to unserialize the array then serialize it again if you want to […]
What features are there in Mac OS X and do not exist in Microsoft Windows

Hello I’m going to show you some productivity features that exist on Mac OS X and are completely lacking in Windows. I am a web developer and these are the features I appreciate most on mac OS X video –¬† 1. Zoom The zoom feature makes it very easy to select text when the font […]
How to setup Google YouTube Data API ?

First of all you need to access this link –¬† and login with your google account Create a new project access that project in the top left menu and select google data api enable the api access credetials page create a new api key – then select BROWSER key
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