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WordPress Pricing Tables Builder DZS

Created: 27/02/2011
By: Digital Zoom Studio
Support Forum:

Thank you for purchasing my component. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to apply for membership on the forum, it's the fastest way of support [ link to the left ] and post a thread about your question after your membership is validated.

WordPress Pricing Tables Builder Intro - top

WordPress Pricing Tables Builder is the WordPress Plugin you have been waiting for creating Pricing Tables / Pricing Boxes.It includes

ZoomBox Lightbox Features

Other Great Plugins




Installation - top


  1. Just download the zip from your directory in a folder of your choosing.
  2. Then in your wordpress installation, in the Plugins panel, click Add New like in this picture:
  3. Then click Upload, and select the zip you have downloaded from CC. Then click Activate.
  4. You should now see the zoombox buttons on each post / page:
  5. Start cusomizing to your needs.
  6. Have fun!

Or just follow this video. Install and make your first Pricing Table in less then 2 minutes


Adding to the Post / Page - top

  1. access / create your post / page
  2. press the shortcode generator button and a window with options should appear
  3. build your pricing table with the WYSIWYG editor
  4. click Generate
  5. all done!




Special Features- top


Demo HTML Elements

If you want some advanced markup in your pricing tables, you need to use html code. To access custom html code in the item editor see the edit html code note in the FAQ.

We used some simple html in the demo. We'll show the markup here.

<span class="feat-currency">$</span><span class="feat-ammount">10</span>
<span class="feat-period">per month</span>



<div class="sidenote">one time fee</div>




FAQ - top

You can check this link for a list of popular questions. Other questions you might have:

Is it iOS compatible ?

Yes, it has been built from the ground up and tested to work on the iPhone / iPad.

How to insert /edit html code in the Tinymce editor / item editor ?

All you have to do is click the source code icon as displayed in the following image.


Developer Tips - top

The scroller provides source files too so if you are developer you can start cusmizing it. No support is offered for customizations.

Recommended Programs

You can generally use any text editing software to edit most content/code, but this is what I recommend:


Make your own skin
  1. duplicate the skin_default css rules
  2. rename it to your skin name
  3. assing the skin to the scroller via the settings_skin parameter
  4. be crazy, with a little css knowladge ,the possibilities are endless



Digital Zoom Studio

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