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Custom css not working
  • GriffinGraffixGriffinGraffix
    February 2012
    Hi Beautiful theme... 

    I am trying to give my divs Id's and class and adding css to the theme extra css for custom styles but seems it's not working.

    Help pls?

    I can revert to editing the style.css but would much rather use the custom function if we can get it to work.

  • GriffinGraffixGriffinGraffix
    February 2012
    hmmm correction.. even editing style.css doesn't seem to work...

    Pls help as I can't do much unless i can edit css.

    P.S. I imported your demo content.. not sure if that makes a difference.
  • adminadmin
    April 2012

    Just added 


    in the Extra CSS field and it worked

    Maybe clear your cache