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ipad truble
  • im having problm on ipad display, it doesnt fit on the screen, and is impossible to zoom in or out.

    can you help me with that.

    my website is

  • adminadmin
    March 2012

    Grab the latest version from tf

    Click theme options

    Click reinstall all options

    Abd choose the ipad layout to normal

    Thanks !
  • Thanks for the help , i think it solve the problem.

    I don´t have ipad, but i think it work.

    Thank you
  • adminadmin
    April 2012
    Should work fine

  • It Still have problem in Ipad.

    All ready fix the zoom,

    But the 2º submenu on gallery don´t open, and the background slider on each the gallery categories doesn´t work either.

    Please help.