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Export and import Sliders
  • I'm having problem to import the Sliders i have created.

    Can you help with the steps to make it?

    The Steps i do is:

    I choose a Slider and make the file.txt export.

    Then in the other site e create a new slide and make the import file.txt, he make the upload 100% and appears the green infinit loading box and stay like that.

    Sorry for the trouble

    Thanks for all the help.
  • adminadmin
    April 2012
    Make sure you have the same version of Royale on the same sites.

    You can send me the db txt file on my mail and I'll check

  • Please tell me your email, i can't find it.
  • How i make the update of the theme please.

  • To update the theme, simply delete the current one and upload the latest version that you download from ThemeForest.

    You can click admin's name and send a personal message from the menu on the right.