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Sortable Portafolio Royale
  • Hi, I'm trying to create a sortable portafolio like this one but so far I haven't be able to create it.

    I have created the categories, the portafolio items, the portafolio page, but I don't know who to make them interact. The instructions in the read me document are not clear enough for me and the demo content didn't have that kind of portafolio included or at least it didn't show up.

    Could you please give me the instructions to create a portafolio like this?
  • I just was able to link the categories to the page.. but I still not able to make a sortable portafolio.. The instructions says "sortable - set it to on if you want sortable functionality on the portfolio" but I don't find where...
  • Hello, any help with this? I haven't found the way to create the sortable portafolio... thanks.
  • Hey any answer about this?