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Fullscreen Media Gallery AS3


Fullscreen Media Gallery – with Deep Linking / AS3 is a creative gallery where you can insert your photos or videos. It can be used as a creative portfolio of your work or just as a album. It can be embedded in HTML as a fullscreen gallery, but it will display proper even if you insert it in your page – preview here. Also, you can use it as stand-alone or in your flash projects ( very easy to add, drag & drop ).

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  • supports .PNGs, .JPGs, .GIFs, SWFs and any H.264 video (.MP4, .FLV … )
  • can be played as a slideshow ( with pause/play button and auto play ) , but that can be removed from xml by setting slideshow=”off”
  • media can have a description – if no description is written for the media, the show info button will dissapear
  • deep linking ready – which means you can use the back/forward buttons of your browser to scroll through the photos, or go to a specific media just by typing it’s address
  • XML Driven – modify the contents by just using a simple text editor (like notepad) , so there’s no need to own Adobe Flash
  • Smooth class applied to images – for making your photos more smooth
  • creative zoom feature – clicking the images will zoom them up to the full browser size, they will display nice regardless of their resolution because of the Smooth class
  • support for both portrait and landscape zooming ( look at the chicken photo for landscape zooming, on wide monitors )
  • resizable to any browser width – the gallery will display beautifully on any browser size, if the browser width is enough to display all the thumbs from the bottom, they will center and not scroll anymore


added the possibility to write descriptions for your images. if you do, a SHOW INFO box will appear. if you don’t, it will not. and slideshow mode (with pause/play button and autoplay) that can be disabled in xml and SWF support

XML example



Documentation online at

{"type":"main_options","images_arr":"'#ffffff'","enable_ajax":"off","soundcloud_apikey":"","bg_isparallax":"off","bg_slideshow_time":"0","bg_transition":"slidedown","site_url":"https:\/\/","theme_url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/themes\/qucreative\/","blur_ammount":"26","width_column":"50","width_section_bg":"","width_gap":"30","border_width":"0","border_color":"#ffffff","translate_cancel_comment":"Cancel reply","translate_leave_a_comment":"Leave a comment","translate_leave_a_comment_to":"Leave a comment to","is_customize_preview":"off","width_blur_margin":"30","gallery_w_thumbs_autoplay_videos":"off","content_enviroment_opacity":"30","menu_enviroment_opacity":"70","base_url":"https:\/\/"}