Tips and tricks

SHIFT Gallery


SHIFT Gallery is the ultimate showcase for your work/portfolio/pictures. You don’t have to worry if you need to showcase some videos/swfs/text beside images because this gallery supports them all. It can also be turned into a slideshow so that your viewer can see your work without having to do nothing.


  • Changeable number of thumbnails visible
  • Structural parameters of the gallery can be set easily
  • Image and thumbnails’ container size are re-sizable
  • Thumbnail and directional buttons allow navigating thumbnails
  • Change buttons easily
  • Editable captions available for each thumbnail
  • Different text descriptions are assignable for each image
  • Text description can be aligned top or bottom
  • Animated text description
  • Flexible configuration
  • 9 transitions effects that can be very simple modified
  • content is still viewable without JavaScript enabled.
  • More than one slideshow can be on the same page
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