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WordPress Media Gallery - Ken Burns Effect

WordPress Media Gallery Features

  • supports images, videos and inline content
  • supports unlimited items – rotate as many items as you wish
  • 7 transitions
  • intuitive admin panel
  • slideshow mode – with independent time for each item that you can define in the DZS Admin Panel provided
  • values you can set up for each item – description (the description from the top), initialZoom(any value you wish), finalZoom, slideshowTime ( the time the banner rotator stays focused on the specific item ), burn effect time ( the time you wish the effect to take ), url (if no url is set the item will just be a image with no link on click ), transitionType(easeInSine,linear etc.) , initialposition, final position (choose from topleft,topcenter,topright,middleleft,middlecenter,middleright,bottomleft,bottomcenter,bottomright ) and more!
  • autoresize option – no more resizing with photoshop, there is an options panel option to enable autoresize
  • ken burns effect – enhance your presentation and amaze your clients with the ken burns effect this gallery has integrated

WordPress Media Gallery Updates

UPDATE 1.1 [ 03/19/2011 ]

  • added 5 more transitions
  • added IE9 compability

What do you get?

  • plugin – you can just upload it to wordpress via upload zip file
  • readme – documentation
  • free updates! – even if the value of this gallery increases with upcoming updates, you will get them for free
  • free support! – for installation via my forum -> this is the fastest form of support

Possible Panning Positions

Admin panel screenshot


Creative photos –

Get it from here –

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