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WordPress Image Effects Plugin

This plugin can enhance your user experience by applying cool effects on any image on your WordPress site. The effects are applicable very easy direct from the WordPress visual editor by pushing the button of the desired effect.

Image Effects Intro


  • easy install – purchase, download the zip, and install it directly through the WordPress interface.
  • easy add – just select a picture in the WordPress visual editor and push a button to add the effect. That simple!
  • lightbox integration – Works great with the PrettyPhoto or FancyBox WordPress plugins

What do you get?

  • image effects WordPress plugin – get creative!
  • free updates! – We are constantly updating and adding features to our components to keep the latest standards and trends. You will get all these updates for free even if the price of the gallery increases.
  • free support! – for installation via my forum -> this is the fastest form of support

175+ Happy Customers with the basic image effect jquery plugin. Get it for your WordPress site as well today!

Get it from –

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