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Abrax WordPress Theme

ABRAX WordPress Theme.

Beside looking awesome, ABRAX Theme it’s customizable, easy to use, documented and packed with cool features.

It includes shortcodes ( for layout, sliders and video ), font chooser, gallery manager and other cool features.

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  • supports WP3 Menu – for the Main Menu
  • awesome lightbox gallery embedded
  • NEW! Awesome sortable jQuery portfolio
  • supports widgets – 8 footer locations and 2 sidebars – one for blog & other pages and one for the homepage
  • built in widgets – twitter widget, tiny slider widget ( you can check this in the preview under Testimonials ), Media Gallery
  • built in custom shortcodes – for video, layout, sliders, portfolio, contact form and other cool stuff
  • Awesome sortable jQuery portfolio included (go check it out)
  • DZS Phoenix Media Gallery included – – 15$ normally, you get it for free with the theme (Very cool effects)
  • Google fonts chooser included in the back end
  • contact form included (+ admin)
  • unlimited skins – you can choose any color for your theme, a colorpicker is included in the admin to help you


UPDATE 1.1 [ 07 / 06 / 2011 ]


WordPress won’t activate this theme as there are some file missing.

Please unpack the main zip first – then you will find the theme zip in the theme/ folder

What does the package/optionalpreviewdata include ?

This directory is for users that want their theme to look exactly like in the preview.

abrax.wordpress.2011-06-30.xml – the posts from here -> <- can be imported via the wordpress importer homepage_underpage.txt - like the title says, the text under the homepage main text in the preview preview_contact_page.txt - the html for the contact page ( like it looks like in the preview )

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Thank you ThemeForest!

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