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FreshIdeas WordPress Theme /w Facebook Theme


You asked for it, so here it is!

FreshIdeas WordPress Theme is now available. With special features included like a bonus Facebook iFrame Theme, Google Web Fonts chooser, included DZS Contact Form and many more, this is the perfect theme to get your site started.

What do you get on purchase

  • documentation –
  • PSD files
  • 2 themes – the basic one + one for facebook
  • preview data if you want your theme to look like in the preview


    • 2 types of sliders: content slider and 3d slider
    • unlimited colors
    • 2 types of menu: rounded corners and arrows menu
    • pricelist tables with admin
    • portfolio with custom post types in admin – 1, 2 or 3 columns option
    • over 30 shortcodes for layout, pricelist, portfolio, etc. ( check docs – link below for all the shortcodes )
    • shortcodes for Blog and Sidebars, very easy to integrate everywhere
    • widgets included – twitter and recent posts
    • demo installation videos included that explain every step of the installation + configuring the features of the theme – check the docs
    • Cufon Font Chooser with admin included
    • google Font Chooser
    • DZS Contact Form with admin included
    • PSD file included
    • Social Icons option on posts / page
    • Social Icons shortcode
    • Facebook iFrame integration – tutorial in docs you can also learn to use with help from
    • Image Effects plugin included.Awesome effects:opacity, overlay, zoom, move
    • And a lot of other features:
  • Layouts
  • Video
  • Info Boxes
  • Google Maps
  • Warning Boxes
  • Testimonials
  • DropCaps
  • Lists
  • Buttons
  • Toggles
  • Tables
  • Quotes
  • Separators
  • Tabs

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Download the package again from TF, unpack it, open the unpacked folder, go to the theme/ folder, unpack the zip from that folder then just access the ftp and copy the folder over the one you have in wp-content/themes . Go to the Theme Settings and click Reinstall Table. Done!
Deactivate and delete the theme, download and install the new zip by downloading the package again from TF, unpack it, open the unpacked folder, go to the theme/ folder and selecting that zip. Go to the Theme Settings and click Reinstall Table.


Also, remember to backup your custom.css if you have done any changes to it.

UPDATE 1.1 [ 08/13/2011 ]

  • added shortcodes for blog, sidebars and others
  • updated the preview data with latest pages
  • updated the readme file
  • fixed a content slider speed

UPDATE 1.2 [ 08/16/2011 ]

  • added google Font Chooser
  • fixed admin – reinstall option for Facebook Theme
  • fixed content slider and added a new option for slideshow

Sources, Credits and Fonts

I’ve used the following images and fonts:


Check the documentation for more features –

HTML Version

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