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Reasons why Flash is a better solution for streaming video on the internet then HTML5



Ok, so it’s been more then one year now since the html5 madness. Flaming versus discussions have mostly stopped or at least are not that flaming. Clients are changing their sites from flash to html5 or at least providing fallbacks ( the smart ones ). Stock flash is dropping, everyone wants their slider and galleries in jQuery now. But what should never change for at least 2-3 years is flash video. Why ?

  • browser leaders can’t get to agree on only one format and does not seem they will agree anytime soon, so you’ll need to provide 2-3 formats for videos to work on all platforms
  • html5 players just seem laggy on desktop browsers. I don’t know why.. it’s just not that smooth feeling that you get with flash.
  • YouTube and Vimeo use primarily Flash. They must know something right 😛 ?
That’s mainly it. You’ll say that flash does not work on the iPad. Ok, it does not, but you can provide a fallback <video> in the object tag that will play that file in iOS. You may say that you still need to provide 2 formats – one for flash and one for iOS. Actually no, flash supports H.264 and so does iOS, so you can have only one format and all will be ok.
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