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Best plugin for removing wp-admin menu items

So today I needed a plugin in wordpress to prevent my users in a demo site from changing the password to a demo account I set up for my previews. I searched the interweb in hope to find a free solution and this what I came up with.

This is the first plugin that I tried. The name is intuitive, it should do the job properly.


Admin Menu Editor

Lets you directly edit the WordPress admin menu. You can re-order, hide or rename existing menus, add custom menus and more.



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The admin looks pretty slick, seems to do just what I needed. But it did not work. At all. Tried the admin permission setting on both Profile and Users.

Then, I went on Stack Overflow. Users seemed pretty sure this would do the job.


A user, role, and content management plugin for controlling permissions and access. A plugin for making WordPress a more powerful CMS



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Right from the admin, I realized it will not help me. So, no.


Tired, I went to something more specific in Google Search, I added the profile menu item to the query. I ended up to this.



Profiless is a plugin that removes access to the profile page based on user role.

The admin is pretty simple. You just have the option to restrict the profile menu item on some specific roles. Just what I needed. But maybe too specific and others could have similar tasks and this plugin could not to do them.[clear]

So I recommend this plugin.

Seems to do just what I needed, and everyone else needs on administrating menu items in WordPress.

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