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What features are there in Mac OS X and do not exist in Microsoft Windows


I’m going to show you some productivity features that exist on Mac OS X and are completely lacking in Windows.

I am a web developer and these are the features I appreciate most on mac OS X

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1. Zoom

The zoom feature makes it very easy to select text when the font is small or the resolution is big ( like the one I am using 2560×1560 )

Yes, I know that Windows has a similar feature but it s not that easy to use

2. Cool App Showcase / Expose

Expose makes it very easy to select your desired application. It s easy to use , bring up and you can even bring the windows of the same application into highlight

I have mouse short cuts for that

Again, I know Microsoft copied that functionality, but they did not do it well . For example , you cannot bring windows of the same application into display

3. Arrange files like you wish


This is a critical functionality . I can arrange files for production/ testing and so on so I can separate them in the order I wish .

4. Tabbed Finder

Tabs in finder are very useful to group your projects.

5. Multiple desktops

Multiple native desktops make it very easy to separate the apps.

6. Integration with iOS


If you have a iOS device and a MacBook you can respond to your calls on the MacBook . Send texts from your MacBook, open pages on the MacBook and continue reading them on the iOS device and so on . These things are very useful.

I know there are apps on Windows / android that make this kind of thing possible . But I am talking about native functionality.

Non native functionality is dangerous . May not be encrypted or the data may be sold.

7. Consistency / Cool Graphics

I am not a designer but I could probably land a better design then the current Windows one

There is a ton of inconsistency. Some parts are blurred . Some not .etc

While on mac there is much better consistency .

The system looks like it’s been built with the same user interface from top to bottom . And we can see the awesome translucent effect that looks awesome .

8. Quick ViewImagini pentru quick look mac

This makes it easy to quickly look into pictures / videos without actually opening them.

9. PSD / HTML Thumbnails

This makes it very easy to search for the desired image / html page . It even works in quick look. If needed, pdf to html converter may be applied.

Again, I know that Windows has 3rd party mods that allow that but we are talking about native functionality .

10. Much better Search

The search function ( spotlight ) is so much better in mac os x. So far on windows I was not able to search easily inside files.

As a web developer I often search within files. OS X makes it so seamless and I truly appreciate this function.

11. UNIX bash

This allows for powerful console commands for power users

Windows is still stuck in 1990 with that ridiculous ms dos command prompt

12. No viruses


Because the user base is smaller for Mac OS X many less viruses target this system.

And even if they were, the permission system is much more better than on Windows so Trojans cannot attack your system so easily.

13. The awesome native Preview app

The native preview app is like 100 times better then paint on Windows . We can make speedy notes directly on the image . And I t can even be opened directly and seamless from quick look . Wow

Yes, I know paint can make some lame arrow sings into pictures but the user experience is not that great . The arrows will be ended , will be auto drawn , and can be curvy on Preview which on paint is not available .

Also combining both editing and previewing into a single app is a great example of that awesome apple engineering

14. Awesome screenshot system

The screenshot system is much more easy to use on OS X . You just press a combination of keys and the image gets auto saved on the desktop . And you can easily just select a portion and only that gets saved .

On Windows you have the print screen button which does that but it’s more time expensive . And who has time to waste really ? You have to press the button , paste the screen into paint then save the file manually. When all this can be done with one key on mac.

Also the area screenshot system has a second function for me as a web developer . I use it to measure pixels easily . Even combine it with the zoom tool. Very very handy. Hope all of these features will be useful if you need to know how to buy or how to sell Apple products.

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