Tips and tricks

Repair EFI drive of windows that does not have the boot sector

if the boot sector is damaged, or Windows does not boot

if you installed Windows after another OS, you might not have the EFI folder.

So I installed GParted on a portable usb memory

Shrinked the main windows partition, and created a EFI Partition

make a windows recovery usb memory

list disk
select your disk
select disk 0
list partition
if you need to delete a partition:
     select the parition you want to delete
     select partition 3
     delete partition override
     just to be sure, list and reselect your disk
create partition efi size=100
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
assign an unused letter (ex: A,B,K,G,…) for the next step
assign letter=A

“fill with stuff to make it boot”

taken from

make directory

mkdir A:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot

cd into it:

     cd efi\mic*
     cd boot
     cd /d A:\efi\microsoft\boot

your Windows volume should be C:, if not, change the letter or assign letter

bcdboot C:\Windows /s a: /f UEFI /v
  • a: is installation target
  • C:\Windows – is the path to the directory with Windows 10 installed;
  • /f ALL – means that you want to copy the Windows Boot Environment files, including those for UEFI and BIOS computers (potential ability to boot in UEFI and BIOS systems). To copy only the EFI bootloader, use the /f UEFI command;
  • /l en-us — is a type of the system locale. By default, en-us – English (USA) is used;
  • /c – this is a new BCDBoot option in Windows 10 that allows you to overwrite existing boot records (including debugsettings). Use this option to ignore old boot settings and create a clean BCD configuration;
  • /v – used to enable BCDBoot verbose output.

if it says successful, you may now reboot
else, read here for errors

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