how to make mac save jpeg screenshots

Launch Terminal write: defaults write type jpg then you can write killall SystemUIServer   Should be all Tried in Mac OS X Sierra
How to get all google fonts json via API

Google Fonts allows retrieving all of it’s fonts via their api. It’s in json format so once you decode it you can use it in your application. The process is simple, you just need to access your applications page, create an application and get an API key Then you can access this link  

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Excel - how to add a string after 2 or 3 position in columns

You need to write this macro in Visual Basic   Sub replaceat() Dim rng As Range Dim cl As Range Set rng = Range(Selection.Address)   For Each cl In rng.Cells cl.Formula = “=Replace(“”” & cl.Value & “”” ,3,0,””.””)” Next End Sub   Then you can execute it on any selection via the Developer > Macros

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How to force mp3 file to download PHP

Force mp3 to download instead of playing Just add a .htaccess file in the mp3 folder with this content: <Files *.*> ForceType application/octet-stream Header set Content-Disposition attachment </Files>
Things that are better in mac os x then on windows

Hello I’m going to show you some productivity features that exist on Mac OS X and are completely lacking in Windows, another issue that many businesses are facing is that so many staff are now working from home so it’s very hard to know what they are all doing. You can find out how to

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