How to create a local dev Apache Mysql PHP Setup on Mac OS X

Tired of using MAMP ? You should already have Apache installed on mac Install Apache you just need to start it: sudo apachectl start restart: sudo apachectl restart check config: apachectl configtest optional, if you are on Mac OS X Monterey you might need to uninstall the default Apache 2.4 sudo apachectl stop sudo launchctl

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Web Development - How to clean install node_modules

run this in Terminal rm -rf node_modules/ && rm package-lock.json && npm cache clean --force && npm i --legacy-peer-deps you are using dropbox, and you do not want the files to sync rm -rf node_modules/ && mkdir node_modules/ && xattr -w com.dropbox.ignored 1 node_modules/ && rm package-lock.json && npm cache clean --force && npm i

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How to register invisible google recapcha application

Important: When creating the application, make sure you are having Invisible reCAPCHA selected Recapcha V2 apps will not work Step 1 First, we need an API key, so head on over to To gain access to this page you’ll need to be logged into a Google account. You’ll be asked to register your website, so

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