WordPress: Where to modify maximum upload size for media

Make sure that in php.ini or .htaccess settings, you have this upload_max_filesize set If you have a WordPress network, go to Network Settings, and you will find this field you can also go to individual site settings, and try to find the relevant space setting
Best practices when setting up a wordpress site

Speed Use W3 Total Cache or Litespeed Optimise images – you can use squoosh Security Install a ssl certificate Make sure that wp-content/uploads -> directories inside have 0755 permissions, and files 0644 permissions SEO Install a SEO Plugin
How to add a plugin to the WordPress repository

Install the svn via homebrew or from their website brew install svn Update the plugin cd /Users/raduh/Dropbox/hosts/devsite/wpenabledebug/svn2 svn co cd your-plugin svn add trunk/* svn ci -m 'Adding first version of my plugin' svn cp trunk tags/2.0 svn ci -m "tagging version 2.0" useful tips: you can use to resolve conflicts svn update svn

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Create a local dev Apache Mysql PHP Setup on Mac OS X - Add Virtual Hosts

How to create a local dev Apache Mysql PHP Setup on Mac OS X ‣ Digital Zoom Studio also, remember to allow vhost_alias_module You can add unlimited virtual hosts just like MAMP adds them. You can just access /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf and add: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName devsite DocumentRoot "/Users/123/Dropbox/hosts/devsite" Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1 <IfModule xsendfile_module> XSendFilePath "/Users/123/Dropbox/hosts/devsite"

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