Web Development - How to add a simple web component from the console

open the console / devtools and enter // Create a class for the element class PopUpInfo extends HTMLElement { constructor() { // Always call super first in constructor super(); // Create a shadow root const shadow = this.attachShadow({mode: 'open'}); // Create spans const wrapper = document.createElement('span'); wrapper.setAttribute('class', 'wrapper'); const icon = document.createElement('span'); icon.setAttribute('class', 'icon'); icon.setAttribute('tabindex',

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Link a microservice application to google cloud

Get a google cloud account Install Google Cloud SDK Run the command gcloud auth From GCloud enable: Kubernetes Engine API Google Cloud Build API create a cluster in Kubernetes Run the command: gcloud init Select the project: gcloud config set project $MY_PROJECT_ID select your CLUSTER gcloud container clusters get-credentials YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME --zone us-central1-c Select the kubectl

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How to develop a Gutenberg plugin without node_modules

So I have struggled with this for a long time now. First you need the coresponding libraries npm i -g @babel/core@^7.2.2 npm i -g @babel/preset-env@^7.3.1 npm i -g @babel/preset-react@^7.0.0 npm i -g autoprefixer@^9.5.0 npm i -g babel-loader@^8.0.5 npm i -g css-loader npm i -g extract-text-webpack-plugin@next npm i -g generate-template-files npm i -g mini-css-extract-plugin npm i

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