Tips and tricks

How to generate ssl certificate for localhost

… or self generate ssl certificate First, we need to create this configuration in your ~/Certificates then, enter you can write these commands: then, exit and enter: you can then add it to your nginx.conf
Where to find generated MAMP configuration files

You can modify the template files. You will find the template files inside ~/Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/templates/nginx.conf.temp The changes you make in the MAMP PRO interface and template files help create real configuration files. The configuration files are created when you start your servers.
3DS Max - useful commands

command description F3 switch wireframe / default shading Ctrl+R run project Cmd+Shift+P run command Cmd+P find file
How to do USB Remap on OpenCore

check if you need renames if nothing shows up, you are good possible usb mappings The 2 main search terms are XHC and EHC, but if you have a legacy board with UHCI or OHCI controllers you’ll need to adjust. A blanket USB search may show too many entries and confuse you.
First Time setup of IntelliJ Idea PHPStorm

First, I enable Soft Wraps I use mouse 4 and mouse 5 clicks for Shrink Selection and Extend Selection I map middle click to Previous Line Bookmark in Editor window appearance disable members in the Status navigation code folding other tricks:
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