Tips and tricks

How to make portable linux mint

In the partition select, create a EFI partition ( EFI type ) and one ext4 type in the boot loader installation on the bottom , choose the device for boot loader installation to your device
Setting up Ventura Hackintosh. - OpenCore

USB Preparing This is the guide I am using: First, I am using a already hackintoshed Catalina I downloaded Ventura from App Store. Then I did the steps to create the USB Stick To mount EFI, I tried to use the tool they were suggesting MountEfi, but it did not work, but I ended

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Best optimization tips for Windows

If you have Windows 11, search for GPU, and make sure Optimization for Windowed Games is turned on disable Game Bar check for Places where to check for Windows Startup Programs ‣ Digital Zoom Studio update chipset find your version disable HPET you can do it in Device Manager, or there are some cmd /

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Useful commands for hackintosh

on MAC OS X, how a list of disks and partitions: detect your disk and enter: when on windows dual boot, mount the efi drive: open CMD in Administrator mode you can find ONE COMMANDER on the app store, to open on Linux, use
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