How to convert a javascript object with comments into a explanation table ? ( with RegEx )

This is the regex javascript [\s|\S](?:.)([a-z].*?):.*// --(.*?)\n php (.*?)=>.*,.*\/\/ --(.*?)(\n|$) replace with This makes this text: , enable_embed_button: 'off' // -- enable the embed button , embed_code: '' // -- embed code , skinwave_dynamicwaves: 'off' // -- dynamic scale based on volume for no spectrum wave , soundcloud_apikey: '' // -- set the sound cloud

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How to disable eslint rules

Disable for specific page add this on top of the file /* eslint-disable */   Disable for whole project Create a file named .eslintignore and enter **/*
Convert php arguments to documentation html

Let us say you have a documented php function with arguments in this form 'display_type' => 'list',// -- "list" or "grid" or "grid-2" or "scroller" or "map" or "horizontal" 'grid_skin' => 'skin-forwall', // -- grid skin 'grid_extra_classes' => '', // -- extra classes for display grid 'tooltip_filters_show' => '', // -- select which information to

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