Tips and tricks

DevOps - Docker commands


Build and tag container
docker build -t yournameondockerhub/posts .
Push container to docker hub
docker push yournameondockerhub/posts
Run container
docker run service/posts


k8s expose port
kubectl port-forward [[pod-name]] 8080:4000

exposes port localhost 8080, the 4000 is the internal node port

k8s restart deployment
kubectl rollout restart deployment event-bus-depl

get the deployment names with k get deployments

k8s create secret
kubectl create secret generic jwt-secret --from-literal=jwt=asdf

you can create secrets that you can access via process.env

k8s run bash in pod
k get pods && k exec -it auth-depl-8b96d867-x7l8w sh

first run kubectl to get all pods then kubectl exec -it podname sh

k8s list contexts
k config get-contexts

you can can change context with k config use-context {{context-name}}

k8s get logs for pod
k logs {{POD_NAME}}

get pods with k get pods — you can also use describe for logs related to the deployment

*k is kubectl


get all pods
kubectl get pods -A

get all pods accross all namespaces

find ingress external ip
kubectl get svc -n ingress-nginx

get all pods accross all namespaces

check Apache config
kubectl exec -it -n ingress-nginx nginx-ingress-controller-67956bf89d-fv58j -- cat /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

where -n ingress-nginx is the namespace and nginx-ingress-controller-67956bf89d-fv58j is the pod name

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