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Setting up Ventura Hackintosh. - OpenCore

USB Preparing

This is the guide I am using:

First, I am using a already hackintoshed Catalina

I downloaded Ventura from App Store.

Then I did the steps to create the USB Stick

To mount EFI, I tried to use the tool they were suggesting MountEfi, but it did not work, but I ended up mounting it manually

sudo diskutil list

Then choose the external EFI to mount

sudo diskutil mount YOUR_DISK_VOLUME

in my case it was disk4s1

Boot problems

I have tried to create my manual config, but it would not boot. So now, because I had to remove the m2 ssd with the previous CLOVER install, I don’t have access to the Windows partition as well.

So I bought up my windows laptop. And after some tries, I have figured out how to edit the EFI folder.

When you open insert the stick and open Disk Management, the disk is visible

So it’s the 200MB EFI volume ( not 100MB, that is created by Windows )

all you have to do is open PowerShell in administrator mode and enter:

Add-PartitionAccessPath -DiskNumber 1 -PartitionNumber 1 -AccessPath "Z:"

then open a file explorer in Administrator mode ( for example OneCommander ) and you will have access to your drive

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