Tips and tricks

My Mac OS X configuration when I setup a new installation


show hidden files

command + shift + .

or press by default on system Login:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true

change screenshot format to jpg

defaults write type jpg;killall SystemUIServer

disable Close windows when quitting an app to preserver the Windows status

Dock position

I always adjust the dock on the right side to save vertical space


Setup new finder window

and Show all filename extensions ( from Advanced )

Augumented Terminal

I install an iTerm2 and make sure that alt + backspace deletes the previous words


disable mouse acceleration

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1


install CopyLess 2 , or your preferred clip board manager


allow Zoom from accessibility


  • enable App Expose
  • enable tap to click
  • disable Natural Scrolling


System Settings > Keyboard > Sources > Edit, disable AutoCorrect

I use function keys as modifier

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