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Create a local dev Apache Mysql PHP Setup on Mac OS X - add MySql

How to create a local dev Apache Mysql PHP Setup on Mac OS X ‣ Digital Zoom Studio

Normally, you can just install the native mysqld service

you will find it in system preferences > mysql

you can use a tool like MySQL Workbench to see currently running mysql

check currently running mysql instances with $ps aux | grep mysql

if you installed MySql via another method, you can use

mysql_config --socket

you can change the MySQL socket from the php.ini ( write php --ini in Terminal to find )

; Default socket name for local MySQL connects.  If empty, uses the built-in
; MySQL defaults.
mysqli.default_socket =

to check where the MySQL socket is

this is how to check for available users:

MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT user,host FROM mysql.user;
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