How to clean install node_modules

run this in Terminal rm -rf node_modules/ && rm package-lock.json && npm cache clean --force && npm i --legacy-peer-deps
Delete all branches except master

Run this command in terminal in the directory of your git: git branch | grep -v "develop" | grep -v "master" | xargs git branch -D
How to find all comments in the code

Your IDE like VSCode or Phpstorm IDEA Jetbrains should support seach by regex, you can use something like and replace with empty string
Linux / Ubuntu - commands I run first

multiple apt repos the list of apt sources is rather short and secure. If you want to install phpmyadmin or autossh or number of other packages which are not supported in main sources list, you should adjust the sources list. If you want to learn about cybersecurity we suggest you to visit this website

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How to allow wordpress to work on nginx MAMP PRO

You will have to edit the template accessible from the MAMP PRO > File > Edit Template > Nginx you should add location /wp { index index.php; try_files $uri $uri/ /wp/index.php?$args; } under the server which interests you you can also place it under your location/ for multiple installations location / { try_files $uri $uri/

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