How to setup a gitsubmodule

You need to setup a .gitsubmodules file in the root of your git repository, it looks something like [submodule "common"] path = common url = [submodule "client"] path = client url = [submodule "auth"] path = auth url = [submodule "tickets"] path = tickets url = [submodule "orders"] path = orders

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How to analyze the bundle size for angular

If you are using angular, you can generate a stats json with this command ng build your-project-name --configuration production --stats-json Then, you can do: webpack-bundle-analyzer -m static dist/out/stats.json
How to test package in local development with npm

This is an alternative to npm link. npm link but seems undeterministic to me sometimes First go to your project folder where you have the package.json and run this command npm run build find the dist folder and run npm pack Now, right click this .tz file and copy the absolute path. Next go to

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How to create a local dev Apache Mysql PHP Setup on mac

Tired of using MAMP ? You should already have Apache installed on mac you just need to start it: sudo apachectl start restart: sudo apachectl restart check config: apachectl configtest optional, if you are on Mac OS X Monterey you might need to uninstall the default Apache 2.4 sudo apachectl stop sudo launchctl unload -w

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Mac OS X - Battery life tips

You can permantly disable App nap: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES
Docker commands

docker Build and tag container docker build -t yournameondockerhub/posts . Push container to docker hub docker push yournameondockerhub/posts Run container docker run service/posts kubernetes k8s expose port kubectl port-forward [[pod-name]] 8080:4000 exposes port localhost 8080, the 4000 is the internal node port k8s restart deployment kubectl rollout restart deployment event-bus-depl get the deployment names with

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